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Bromine Trifluoride Chemical Cutter Disposal

SET Environmental, Inc. has the expertise and experience to safely handle disposal of Bromine trifluoride chemical cutter tubes at our permitted TSDF in Houston, TX. These cutter tubes, commonly used to cut pipes in the oil and gas industry, contain Bromine trifluoride which is an extremely reactive liquid which is both oxidizing and corrosive.

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Our uniquely trained specialists remotely hydrolyze, followed by neutralization, the Bromine trifluoride.  All treatment is performed inside an emission control unit with a reverse flow packed tower continuously sprayed with a caustic solution. This remote process ensures the safety of our employees while handling this dangerous material. With limited disposal options available in the United States and Canada, SET has tested and proven procedures which we have used to safely process thousands of these units.

Shipping of these Bromine trifluoride tubes also presents challenges as most cutter tubes manufactured are not in DOT spec/UN rated cylinders. SET can fabricate shipping crates for all size cutter tubes to meet requirements of DOT Special Provision 14796. With milk-run transportation routes that cover all areas of the US, SET can provide transportation that is both efficient and economical.