Compressed Gas Cylinders
SET Environmental is a nationwide leader in compressed gas cylinder disposal and management, successfully treating over 500,000 gas cylinders to date.
Customized Waste Management
SET Environmental offers the most comprehensive Customized Waste Management Services to customers nationwide.
Environmental Health & Safety
Safety at SET involves all individuals of the company. The senior leadership sets the pace and defines the vision of our safety program.
Environmental Remediation
SET Environmental provides proven and effective High-Hazard Remediation Services for customers nationwide.
Hazardous Waste Disposal
SET Environmental provides proven and effective High-Hazard Remediation Services for customers nationwide.
High-Hazard Remediation
SET Environmental provides proven and effective High-Hazard Remediation Services for customers nationwide.
Industrial Cleaning and Decontamination
SET brings over two decades of industrial cleaning services experience to pharmaceutical, food, chemical production and utility industries.
Lab Pack Services
SET Environmental, Inc. takes pride in its ability to provide the best services available for the disposal of laboratory wastes.
Mercury Decontamination Services
SET is a national leader in providing superior Mercury Decontamination Services and Mercury Screening Services in both private residences, medical and commercial facilities.
NORM Waste Services
SET Environmental has quickly become a recognized leader in the NORM management industry.
OSRO Response
SET Environmental (OSRO #245) maintains waterway spill response equipment at its service locations.
Advanced Rescue & Safety
Advanced Rescue & Safety delivers a confined space rescue team at the highest level, as a result, we have emerged as the industry leader.
SET Engineering
SET Engineering has a proven track record for providing cost-effective and practical approaches to a broad range of science and engineering projects while meeting our client's needs and goals.
West Central Environmental Consultants
An environmental services firm that provides the Best Total Solution to public and private sector clients for Environmental Consulting, Emergency Spill Response, Industrial Services and High Resolution Site Characterization.

Environmental Management Services

Combining a tradition of integrity, innovation, and excellence, SET Environmental provides environmental management services to a nationwide client base.  In assisting clients with a wide range of non-routine environmental concerns, SET recognizes that finding the right solution to any hazardous problem requires an appreciation of each client's particular circumstances. Our understanding of what our clients face enables us to provide the appropriate resources to address any issue — whether an answer is found through a quick telephone call or demands the skills of chemists and engineers from several of our divisions.  Even as we thrive on meeting the challenges and needs of a technically demanding national clientele, SET continues to reflect the personal warmth, ethics, and professional dedication of its founders. We share considerable respect for each other's chemical, geotechnical, mechanical, and engineering expertise and enjoy the experience of working together. SET is proud of its team approach, blending engineering and technical skills to develop and implement the most appropriate and efficient environmental management technologies for our clients.  At SET, we understand that to be successful it takes hard work, persistence, and an understanding of our clients' needs. This understanding, combined with our tradition of integrity and technical expertise, makes SET your valued partner in environmental management.

Highest Quality

SET Environmental, Inc. defines Quality as the measured results compared to the defined process expectations. We will achieve excellence in Quality thru a focus on Continuous Improvement with attention on the Process Life Cycle of PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT.   SET prides itself on our ability to be flexible when the demand is to meet our client’s needs yet consistent when it comes to the execution of quality services.