Combining a tradition of integrity, innovation, and excellence, SET Environmental provides environmental management services to a nationwide client base.  While we are passionate about our mission of channeling individual efforts in selfless pursuit of World Class status. It is our “Goals” that keep us moving forward. These clear boundaries and structure are critical to our success. Beneath it all our values which is the makeup of our organization and the catalyst to influence all else.



A Message From Our CEO

"Our greatest assets, at SET, are our people. We believe that we have the most talented and hard-working people in our industry. Channeling their individual performance involves setting clear expectations and striving for outstanding results. Working selflessly means we perform as one united team. All of us are stronger than any of us. We are working to create a culture that respects and supports each of our team members and gives each of our people an opportunity to maximize the utilization of their talents. Our common mission is to provide a service that is provided with flawless safety, the highest level of quality, and that exceeds our customer’s expectations. When we combine great people, working together with a common mission, we have the opportunity to provide a service that is truly world-class. Our customers will ultimately determine if we have achieved this goal. "
CEO, SET Environmental
Dave Devries CEO, SET Environmental

Corporate Goals

Our Values

  • I will have an attitude of gratitude.
  • I will respect everyone, always.
  • I will create a safe and healthy work environment for my peers
  • I will be humble
  • I will strive to be excellent
  • I will own the problem and be part of the solution
  • I will act with integrity
  • I will care for others
  • I will be an ambassador of SET by my appearance, language, and behavior
  • I will give back to my community
  • I will acknowledge and celebrate the success of my peers
  • I will act in a manner that builds the long-term success of SET

Social Responsibility

" A book in the Bible, 1 Chronicles 29 talks about how wealth, honor, everything we have comes from God, and it all belongs to Him."


The Tameling Family Constitution states that one of our core family values is Stewardship.  We have been given the responsibility to pass on not only the material benefits, but also the values, ideals, and our passion to the next generation. Through our respective circles of influence, we want to leave an imprint through our business and personal lives that affect the world and others in a positive manner.  A key component of this is giving back to our community and finding ways to actively care for people.   We have established a philanthropy board whose mission is to select charities which we will sponsor.  This board meets twice annually to review the various groups we support.  Below are the Organizations with whom SET proudly partners.

Bridge Builders




In response to recent discord amongst our communities, SET has taken the bold step to simply listen before reacting or offering advice. Initiated by Joel Tameling, SET President, SET has established “Bridge Builders”.  SET Bridge Builders is a subgroup of employees focused on addressing topics of concern in their specific communities both personal and professional.  These groups include “Diversity Group”, “Women at Work” and Our Country’s Heroes “Veterans”.  All ages and seniority levels are welcome.


We are working together to create awareness, sensitivity, and willingness to listen to one another.  We believe that this starts with listening and then engaging employees to identify concerns and opportunities to become better.  We define better as treating others with respect, creating a forum for questions, discussions, and concerns to be shared, and building a culture that feels, acts, and performs in a way that reflects the underlying family values of SET.


SET recognizes that there are no easy answers or quick fixes to these issues. This is a small step in the right direction to open the lines of communication and address the issues and affect positive change in our industry and the lives of our employees.