Compressed Gas Cylinders


SET Environmental is a nationwide leader in compressed gas cylinder disposal and management, successfully treating over 500,000 gas cylinders to date. We design safe, efficient treatment options for hundreds of gases that would otherwise require more expensive disposal and serve as the premier provider of gas cylinder disposal to hundreds of private industry clients as well as multiple government agencies.
Our specialists average over 15 years of experience in the gas cylinder disposal industry and receive the most comprehensive training to stay up-to-date on best practices and the latest technology in the field. Our specialized equipment is among the best available for handling and treating gas cylinders, especially for situations involving cylinders with inoperable valves or when a containment vessel is needed to safely transport a compressed gas cylinder.


Inspection and Sampling

Cylinders with unknown contents pose the highest risk and should only be handled by personnel with extensive experience, specialized training and the proper equipment. Every compressed gas cylinder SET comes in contact with is thoroughly inspected by an SET specialist to ensure proper management. Our gas cylinder specialists utilize a custom-designed manifold system and proven methodology that ensures no gas will escape during sampling operations.


Unknown Identification

Our comprehensive and unique Positive Identification Analysis process for unknown gases allows us to identify and handle gas cylinders that most other companies cannot or will not accept. For compressed gases, this positive identification is essential and has prevented numerous potential safety, health and liability problems that can be caused by unlabeled or misidentified gas cylinders.


Repackaging and Transportation

SET has the equipment and expertise to handle cylinders that are leaking or not suitable for transportation, due to defects, such as corrosion, fire damage or bulging of a cylinder wall. SET owns numerous salvage cylinders designed to DOT specifications that can be transported to a site upon request and used for containing a leaking or damaged cylinder. Additionally, SET Gas Cylinder Specialists have experience with many types of specialized equipment used to transfer the contents of non-shippable gas cylinders, including those that possess inoperable valves.
Our extensive transportation fleet and our permitted TSDF allow us to provide full-service gas cylinder management from pick up to final disposal or recycling of all types and sizes of gas cylinders and portable tanks. Since we wholly own and operate our fleet and equipment, we are able to provide you with greater efficiency throughout the entire cylinder disposal process.


Recycling and Disposal

SET's fully permitted RCRA Part-B Treatment Facility in Houston, TX is designed to accept, transfer and treat gases in a safe and cost-effective manner. SET is equipped with a high-capacity, high-efficiency scrubber system, chemical treatment tanks and a specially designed secure vapor containment chamber capable of handling reactive gases in cylinders and portable tanks. Our facility is also equipped to handle cylinders with inoperable valves and has the ability to transfer the contents of gas cylinders to larger vessels, allowing for the return of customer cylinders when requested. Our combined expertise in gas handling, process engineering, regulatory knowledge and specialty chemical treatment allows us to design treatment options for gases that would otherwise require more expensive disposal.
For gases that can be recycled, we utilize only a few, select firms that use the cylinder contents as a raw ingredient in an industrial process or as a substitute for a commercial material. After the gases are treated or recycled, SET purges, rinses and decommissions the empty cylinders. All cylinder markings are reclaimed for their metal value. All residual solutions from the gas treatment are carefully tracked to an approved disposal facility.