Emergency/OSRO Response

Emergency Spill Response


SET has responded to thousands of spills since 1979.  The emergency response (ER) team responds to situations ranging from mercury spills requiring decontamination and repackaging, to reacting 55-gallon drums of organic peroxides heated above their critical temperature.  The ER team frequently responds to transportation incidents ranging from ruptured fuel tanks, to overturned tankers requiring drill and transfer to remove the product from the tanker.  SET has resources to respond to leaking compressed gas cylinders, as well as leaking PCB transformers or biological agents.


In the event of a spill containing hazardous materials, SET Environmental will provide OSHA trained personnel, equipment, and supplies necessary to properly contain and remediate the spill. All energies of the spill team are concentrated on minimizing the effects of the chemical(s) to human health and the environment.


In case of a spill, please call our 24-hour emergency response hotline at (877) 437-7455 (1-877-43SPILL).   This number will connect you with our Spill Operator who will quickly live patch you to the On Call Spill Coordinator for your impacted region.
On-call Personnel Consists of:
  • Emergency Response Manager / Spill Coordinator
  • Supervisors / Foreman
  • Chemists
  • Technicians
  • Transportation personnel
SET Routinely Manages:
  • Tanker spills (oil, gas, diesel fuel, flammable liquids)
  • Leaking drums
  • Manhole pump outs
  • Emergency AST confined space decontamination
  • Acid/Base spills
  • Abandoned and unknown drums
  • Cyanide spills
  • Mercury decontamination
  • PCB decontamination
  • Pesticide spills
  • Shock sensitive or explosive material
  • Gaseous material leaks
  • Biohazard identification and decontamination
  • Underground utility vault decontamination spills
SET Environmental  (OSRO #245) maintains waterway spill response equipment at its service locations to respond to maximum most probable discharge (MMPD), worst case discharge tier 1 (WCD1), and worst-case discharge tier 2 (WCD2) scenarios.


These locations include:
-Wheeling, IL             -Dallas, TX
-Glenwood, IL            -Oak Creek, WI
-Mooresville, IN         -Portage, MI
-St. Louis, MO            -Houston, TX
-Grand Rapids, MI    -Noble, OK


Equipment includes over 35,000 linear feet of 18’ containment boom, double-barrel drum skimmers, weir skimmers, vacuum trucks, response vessels, and more.  SET assists in spill exercises, including equipment deployment, at our client’s request, to satisfy their annual NPREP OSRO response plan requirements in accordance with 33 CFR 154.1055 and 155.1060.  SET has supported hundreds of OSRO responses and as our partner, we will be ready to help in your time of need.