Lab Pack Services

SET Environmental, Inc. takes pride in its ability to provide the best services available for the disposal of laboratory wastes. Our technical personnel includes chemists, chemical engineers, environmental scientists, and technicians who perform routine and highly specialized services throughout the United States.


  • Our field chemists possess numerous years of related experience and are experts in the classification of hazardous waste according to DOT and EPA regulations.
  • SET carries certain DOT exemptions applicable to specific packaging requirements, allowing us to lower disposal costs while ensuring all regulations are met.
  • Our chemists also make up the High-Hazard team. Their expertise and use of specialized equipment allow us to safely manage a variety of highly hazardous situations. These include remotely opening containers of unstable compounds and stabilization of these reactive chemicals to allow safe shipping according to DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations.
Our Part B-permitted Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF) located in Houston, Texas specializing in the management of lab packs.


  • SET's inventory forms have incorporated all land disposal restriction notifications, which reduce the number of forms required.